Fully Raw February: Week One

Before I go any further, I must confess that I am mildly addicted to youtube, especially vegan youtube. I have gone through many phases over the years, binge watching videos about health and nutrition, makeup (I was a much different person back then but damn my eyebrows were killer), workout routines, fashion… you name it. I remember stumbling upon Freelee the Banana Girl, the infamous vegan youtuber known for eating thirty bananas per day. At the time, I probably had to open another tab to look up what a vegan even was, nevermind a raw vegan. You can imagine my horror when I realized that eating fully raw meant eating only fruits and vegetables. My jaw dropped (in shock or perhaps to shove another handful of cheez-its in my mouth).

When I transitioned to the vegan lifestyle about a year ago, I began educating myself on the benefits of raw foods and toyed around with the idea a bit more, watching some raw vegan videos on the web and incorporating some more smoothies and salads into my diet. Since then, I have learned much more about why going raw is beneficial, especially for resetting and nourishing your body after some less than ideal days of eating (We all know the kind). The idea behind eating fully raw is to consume only whole, uncooked or “living” foods from nature in order to reap the benefits of their nutrient contents. When plants are heated above 110 degrees, some of the nutrients die. Cooked food is also said to be more addicting than raw food (I mean it isn’t often that we binge on apples and carrot sticks, is it?).

In my Recent trip to Chicago  I was lucky enough to stumble upon a fully raw vegan restaurant, Chicago Raw, and my mind was blown. If you are a vegan and are passing through the city, you must go check it out! I discovered that some of my favorite cooked recipes can be easily made into delicious raw masterpieces- something I knew I wanted to experiment more with. Upon my return to Denver I decided that February would be a great time to take my vegan lifestyle to the next level and eat raw as much as possible.


It has now been a week of eating solely raw foods and I’m super excited to continue this challenge for the month of February. As someone who ate lots of smoothies and salads before committing to this challenge, fully raw was an easy transition for me, and it truly has opened up a whole new world of food (and health!). Here are some things I have noticed about eating fully raw during week one.

Easier Meal Prep

On a day to day basis, eating raw has been easier because I haven’t had to plan many meals. At the beginning of the week I grocery shopped for fresh produce, nuts and seeds. It is easy to make a meal of these items because any combination tastes good, and they also taste great by themselves! I love having smoothies for breakfast, fresh fruit or veggies and guacamole for lunch and a large salad for dinner. I eat some mixed nuts or dates as a snack (Not sure if you can call it a snack when a quarter of my daily caloric intake is coming from dates… But these things are so good). There isn’t much thought involved in the preparation of meals, I simply eat whatever sounds good in the moment.

Feeling Lighter and Having More Energy

I have found in my first week of fully raw eating that I feel so much lighter and have a lot more energy immediately after a meal. In the past year I have experimented with many different versions of the vegan diet and my general conclusion is that the closer to nature that I am eating, the better I feel! Of course eliminating meat and dairy provided an enormous change in my energy levels- going from immediately taking a nap after eating to feeling much more alert. It only makes sense that eating fully raw would give me copious amounts of energy- and never the “crash” that is often experienced after a giant plate of pasta and sauce with added sugar.

It is Expensive

When it comes to the vegan diet, there is a large misunderstanding that everything is so expensive. I can honestly say that I spend about $35 per week on groceries for myself when eating a standard vegan diet- Pretty cheap I’d say! Unfortunately, when it comes to eating fully raw, there isn’t any way around spending more money than I’d like. Fresh fruits and vegetables (not including potatoes, a previous staple of my diet which is ridiculously cheap and filling, but can’t really be eaten raw) are expensive. Additionally, it takes a lot more food to feel full after eating. In my first week of raw food I had to grocery shop twice, which is pretty unusual for me. This month of raw food will certainly be an investment.

I have to eat A LOT

I have always been a person with a hefty appetite and munching on raw fruits and veggies seems to maximize it. I have to eat a ton of food to feel satisfied. This usually means putting four bananas and a large cup of blueberries in my smoothies, making a salad with at least five cups of greens, a whole tomato and at least half an avocado, or eating several zuchinis worth of zoodles. On the other hand, I can eat a ton of food without feeling bloated and uncomfortable from eating too much because it’s all healthy and generally lower in calories than the standard American diet, or even the standard vegan diet. This is a good thing for someone who just really enjoys eating.

There Are So Many Great Recipes

There is a running joke in my family that I am a horrible cook. I’m not sure where exactly this life-long label originated, but I plan to overturn it by making some really easy and delicious raw recipes that even non-vegans will go crazy for. My brother has been visiting me in Denver this week and came up with a raw vegan Alfredo (stay tuned for the recipe!) that was out of this world. It was super easy and tasty, opening my mind to a new way of preparing dishes with simple, uncooked plant foods. In the next few weeks I plan to test out a variety of recipes for tacos, pasta sauces, snacks, “nice-cream” and other desserts.


In this next month I hope to challenge myself and gain a greater understanding of the raw food diet and how it impacts health and wellness. I am excited to explore new combinations of food and create some of my own recipes, all the while documenting how I feel relating to sleep, exercise and mood. I’ll be updating often and including some great recipes in the weeks to come so keep reading and feel free to join in on my Fully Raw February!