Becoming That Vegan


I suppose it is something different for every plant eater out there; that one thing that tips them over the edge, spiraling into a universe where even coconut milk yogurt starts to scare them because it is just too much like the real thing. Sure, I suppose it always starts with good intentions, perhaps a new year’s resolution to include some more leafy greens in your diet, or a gentle effort to stop contributing to the horrors of animal agriculture after watching a documentary where thousands of pigs were slaughtered before your very eyes. I know that when I went vegan it was a slow process. I knew it was best for my body, best for the environment, and best for the other beings we share this planet with. Still, all the while I told myself that I would never become that vegan.

We all know this person. The one who owns socks with the word plastered down the side for all to see, the one who can’t hold a simple conversation without mentioning that they tried this really great vegan restaurant and maybe you should too, the one who has that weird tattoo of a skeleton made out of fruits and vegetables…

But before I knew it, I became this person.

I suppose it was just a few weeks ago that I reached my hand into a massive bag of carrots at work and began crunching, fantasizing about a grocery store with a produce section made for giants. The restaurant I work at orders everything in bulk from a seemingly magical distributor- After little contemplation, I figured I might as well ask my boss about prices and potentially order some veggies through him. Before I knew it, I was struggling down the halls of my apartment building with a twenty-five pound bag of carrots on my back. Twenty-five POUNDS.

Although I was very serious about it (and I still am. I am determined to eat these before they spoil), I have to admit that it was a comical scene. Unfortunately, the very next day my carrot high was put to rest with a single youtube video.

I was hanging around at my other job, a smoothie shop, on a particularly cold and rather boring day when my coworker started inquiring about hotdogs and how they are made. I had some basic information about why hotdogs are the devils work but couldn’t provide all of the details he was apparently looking for. With a quick google search, we found a How It’s Made video on hotdogs. I will leave the video attached but beware. Do not watch this if you have a weak stomach, frequent nightmares, or a fear of high fructose corn syrup.

Perhaps you too have experienced it, the emotional roller coaster of becoming vegan: finding new hacks that make life so much easier, learning that you can eat an entire cheeseless pizza and jump on a trampoline afterwards without hurling, or watching a video of something so horrifying it makes you wish you could relive your entire McDonald’s loving childhood the way you now choose to live it. These events, both good and bad, are very real and allow us to reach new depths of this lifestyle we didn’t know existed.

It was these two experiences over the past week that planted themselves in the ground before me as the final stepping stones to this moment of understanding that I truly am that vegan and starting a vegan blog to embrace it, encouraging you to do the same. After all, it is hard not to wear your vegan apparel and eat your tofu with pride while talking about The China Study and Forks Over Knives when you are trying to be a goddamn superhero.



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